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Embracing Squares

Modern Square Dancing
is 'Friendship set to Music'

The partnership between Round & Square Dancing has been a long established one.  Indeed Whirl & Twirl is a member of the British Association of American Square Dance Clubs in the UK.  Many of the weekend dances around the world incorporate both styles of dance within their event schedule.

Both Rounds & Squares continue to gain from the close ties between the two and the improving co-operation is evident in the recent events that Whirl & Twirl has hosted in support of the Square Dance Community.

The image of the is just one of the groups offering teaching material. If you want to know more about Square Dancing you can find it on the UK website.

In 2014 we began incorporating squares into some of our planned events. It all squared off with a New Years Eve event, a joint Rounds and Square Dance and this was followed later in the year with a Plus Weekend, an intensive beginners and refreshers course covering the second Square Dance Level.

This year 2015, following interest from our round dancers, has seen the introduction of basic lessons twice a month at Barrow and we have also collaborated with Telemarks RDC to host the Kevin Evans Last Hurrah, a joint Squares and Rounds Dance in support of GSI.