Round's Festival Weekend 2013

A Brief Reminder

Whirl & Twirls first Rounds Festival has been a success. The collective cuing talent at the festival is one of the best UK Cuer line-ups ever assembled.  Dancers from ten clubs managed to enjoy the electric atmosphere while twirling along to their favourite rhythms. It all kicked off on Friday night with the Introductions and an evening dance.
Saturday had a higher phase session for those that happen to enjoy a more challenging experience and then a big plus for the weekend was the inclusion of a Future Voices Session.  Three well established dancers Liz Thompson, Steve Sturgis and Jill Woodall were able to enthral their friends, with a demonstration of their growing talents with the microphone.

Of course no festival would be complete with out its own workshop.  The gem presented was an extremely enjoyable Phase IV+2 Rumba called Skyfall. Fortunately we had plenty of opportunities to practice and I suspect it is going to be quite a popular dance.

A very rewarding moment was when we were able to present the ECTA 25 Year Teaching Award to one of the festival cuers, Sandra Higson, a very worthy recipient following her many years of dedication to round dancing.

The Saturday Evening Dance was quite special with a kaleidoscope of old and new classics and more importantly the beautiful way in which both beginners and dancers with decades under their feet mixed and danced together.

 The day came to a close with an After-Party which included a lot of social interaction and a number of sketches performed by the dynamic duo of Paul & Matt. No spoilers here I'm afraid.

Sunday, morning was a very relaxed affair while Mr BBQ prepared the food ready for the afternoon. At 1pm the dancing ended with Matts traditional cha 'I want a Hippo for Christmas', bringing the festival to a close. 

A large number of the dancers stayed on for the BBQ.  On the menu was sausages, burgers, salmon and skewered vegetables. To accompany this was an assortment of potluck salads and sweets that made the mouth water.

Dancers Feedback

We have made every effort to make sure that all the dancers had a positive and rewarding experience.  Part of this process is allowing and making every effort to respond to comments and suggestions in order to improve the experience.

The following document is a collaboration of the Suggestions Book, emails and thank you letters sent to us after the conclusion of the festival.

Thanks to all of you for all your contributions they are very much appreciated.

Dancers Feedback

Festival Dance List

Some of the interesting figures from the festival has been gleaned from the Cuers, who were kind enough to make available their play lists. The total listed number of dances is 142. They ranged between phase III and phase V in fourteen different rhythms. You can view the list of dances in alphabetical order on the Dance List page or print them out from the 
PDF list which is in rhythm order. We are slowly adding the links to the cue sheets however this involves some guesswork. Apologies to the cuers if we get any off them wrong.

Book

It was absolutely wonderful to have dancers from all across the country. Many are old friends but it was also wonderful to meet new friends and share dancing experiences. 

Just about half of the dancers stayed in caravans on the site at the back of the hall while other visitors stayed in a variety of local guest houses and hotels.

Thank You

This card from Liz & Geoff is an example of the 'Thanks' and many positive comments we received. Below is another card we received.

Dear Irene 

We would like to say a big thank you, to you and your family, and helpers, for such a super weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed it    ( feet got a bit hot!), and the BBQ just ended the whole thing perfectly.  Hopefully we will be able to join you in 2015. 

Kind regards Rod & Celia Parker (Around 2000)

We the Organisers would also like to thank everyone who took part especially the dancers, cuers and volunteers who made the festival the absolute success it was.

UK Rounds Festival 2015