UK Round's Festival Weekend
17th - 19th July 2015

Following on from the success of the first Rounds Festival, Whirl & Twirl were proud to welcome the very talented Christian Schidler and Nicole Koegler from Frankfurt Germany and Judi Read from the UK.  The event was held over three days and celebrated everything that is Round Dancing.  Dancers from around the UK converged on Suffolk to join in the varied programme of dancing and the Slow Two Step Workshop.

General Information

Very soon we will add details about the festival including information about the Slow Two Step Workshop.  


2015 Cuer Line-Up


Christian Schidler

Details about Christian can be found on the Getting to know him page.

Judi Read

Has been cueing at the Scarlet Ribbons RDC in Kennington, Oxfordshire since she founded it in 1991.  She achieved her teacher accreditation in Europe in 1995 along with the Harry Preston Award, and has since strived to help other dancers and cuers reach their full potential.  She is the present chair of the Round Dance Council.

Matthew Baldry 

Has been Round Dancing since 2006. His parents set up the Whirl & Twirl RDC and after a few years he took up cueing under the guidance of the Harts.  In 2010 he was presented with 'The Harry Preston Award' and followed it a year later with his ECTA Accreditation. As the host cuer for the festival and round dance representative in callers club he has dedicating his time to promoting and advancing round dancing in the UK.
Dance Programme