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Getting to know Christian

Christian began his Round Dancing back in 1992 at the young age of just 15.  As soon as he had graduated he joined 'The Minuets RDC' which is based near Frankfurt in Germany, picked up a microphone and started cuing, at the time his favourite Round Dance tune was 'Water Under The Bridge'.  At first he would cue a 'single tip a night' at his Square Dance Club, but within four years he was also conducting Round Dance classes with Hilde Fiedler at 'The Minuets RDC'.  His first International experience at just 17 was with 'The Buckles and Bows SDC' in Kissimmee Florida.

Today with over 20 years of experience he is still with 'The Minuets RDC' as the club cuer.  Along with his teaching partner, Nicola Koegler they have been workshop leaders and clinicians at a number of varied events around Europe.  His portfolio includes the EAASDC Spring Jamboree, Norddeutsches Round Dance Treffen, Susie's Summer Ball, the ECTA Round Dance Festival and since 2011 the staff leaders role at the Round Dance Meeting In Rieneck.

He also has a number of choreographies which include El Tango de Roxanne, Silver Threads And Golden Needles, 
Love Has No Pride and Wire To Wire. The cue sheets can be found on his dances page on his website.

His website is known simply as Round Dance

Christian and Nicole are both looking forward to meeting us all at this summers UK Round's Festival.