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Matt is Married to Sue and together they teach at Whirl & Twirl. Both are committed to furthering Rounds in the UK and Matt is the Chairman of the UK Round Dance Council as well as sitting on the SDCCGB & GSI committees.

In 2010 he was awarded 'The Harry Preston Award' for the most improved Cuer and followed it in March 2011 with his ECTA Accreditation.


Irene has been Square Dancing with her husband Ted for many years and in 2007 they decided to learn how to Round Dance. After some thought they took the plunge and it led to the rebirth of their old square dance club, as the Whirl & Twirl Round Dance Club. 

Irene takes care of the day to day running of the Club and all that it involves.


Stephen and his wife Resham joined Whirl & Twirl in 2011 and almost straight away he was kind enough to become our public relations officer.

Since then he has developed our public face including introducing the club to Facebook, Twitter and the Web. Making it so much easier for our members to keep in touch.


Ted works very hard behind the scenes in a supporting role, making sure everything needed is available. A gentleman in every sense he clearly enjoys his dancing. Affectionately known as Mr. BBQ much of the clubs success with the summer events are down to his tireless efforts and planning.


Suzanne is Matt's wife and teaching partner, she supports Matt at the weekly club nights and the special events they attend.  Behind the scenes she has more than an influence on music selection and the writing of the odd dance or two.

She designs many of the decorations used in the special events and also ensures the smooth running of dance evenings, as our very own hostess.
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Member NamePostionContact Number
Member NamePostionContact Number
Matthew Baldry Club Cuer 07979 307-336 
Stephen Pearson Public Relations Officer & Cuer 07914 266-596 
Resham Pearson Member 07914 721-102 
Irene Baldry Club Treasurer 01954 250-643 
Ted Baldry Events Co-Ordinator  
Suzanne Baldry Club Chair, Diary Keeper & Cuer  
Sue & Derek Dancers (Cottenham)  
John & Elaine Hayton Elaine is the Club Secretary  
Julie Bidwell Dancer (Cottenham)  
Ann Cooke Member  
Doug & Val Robson Dancers (Cottenham)  
Claire & Nigel Dancers (Cottenham)  
Peter Cambridge Member  
Andrew Ratigan Dancer (Cottenham)  
Carol & Norman Noble Dancers  
Brian & Shirley Govey Dancers (Cottenham)  
Sue & Phil Lee Dancers  
Alison & Kevin Brown Dancers (Barrow)  
Diane & Ken Greenway Dancers (Barrow)  
Jill & Colin Dancers  
Ruby & Norman Member (Dancers Barrow)  
Val & Allen Scott Dancers (Barrow)  
Pauline & Roger Dancers (Barrow)  
Trish & Kerry Dancers (Barrow)  
Jenny & Gordon Corney Dancers (Barrow)  
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