Club Links

W&T is a member of the Fen Edge Community Association a group that exists to benefit the community by improving the social, recreational and leisure facilities in the Cottenham area. Its members are individuals or clubs, groups or societies who look to benefit the community.

Telelemarks Round Dance Club based in Ipswich have been around since the 1970's and have been a great support during the the early years of Whirl & Twirl RDC. The cuers Teresa & Paul have years of experience and have very strong ties with the club.

Scarlet Ribbons Round Dance Club was started in 1991 by Judi Read.

Official website of the British Association of American Square & Round Dance Clubs
Whirl & Twirl Square Dance Club Orlando, Florida
The clubs very own facebook page, if you select the like button you will be kept informed of all that is going on.

GSI believes strongly in the education and training of callers & cuers world wide.  They Sponsor regular callers schools and clinics, staffed by both nationally known caller coaches and local callers with an interest and an aptitude in mentoring new and experienced callers. They use the CALLERLAB approved caller curriculum, and the schools have accredited caller-coaches on staff.

For all your Cueing needs the Round Dance Council. Part of the SDCCGB the RDC has recently launched a dancer membership and is working hard at promoting round dancing and part of this process includes a Calendar of Round Dance Events.