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Barrow is a small village in Suffolk, about eight miles west of Bury St Edmunds just 2 miles from the A14 trunk road.  Around the village is a 2.45 mile route which is known as 'walking around Crattle' so named after the main feature of the walk Crattle Hill.

The village has two churches, the 14th Century Parish Church of All Saints on the outskirts and a small Baptist Chapel in the village.  A Common Worship Holy Communion Service is held at All Saints on the first and third Sunday of the month at 10.45am and lasts 50mins, Rev Dr Barbara Sherlock presiding.

 Near the village school is a stone which is said to mark the spot
 where a highwayman was hanged, local legend has it that
 at midnight on every New Years Eve the stone turns over.  

 Available here are the Parish website and community website

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The village has expanded recently and has always been self-sufficient. It presently has two mini-supermarkets, two Schools, a Pub, a Post Office, a Doctors Surgery and a coffee shop.

Public transport is provided by the 312 bus service that links Newmarket and Bury St. Edmunds to the villages of Moulton, Gazeley, Dalham and Barrow.  More Information can be found on the Entertainment page.