Matt Baldry
Club Cuer 2008-2016

Matt has been the driving force behind Whirl & Twirl and as such has become the public face of the club. Much of its success and standing within the UK is down to his inventiveness, passion and enthusiasm. 

He took up the microphone under the Harts and took to it like a duck to water. Just a year later in 2010 he was awarded 'The Harry Preston Award' for the most improved Cuer and followed it in March 2011 with his ECTA Accreditation.

Over the eight years he has led the club in putting on an ever improving Round Dance Festival bringing some of the best cuers in the world to the UK.

He has been fully committed to furthering Rounds in the UK and as such has been involved in the work of the UK Round Dance Council as well as the SDCCGB & GSI committees. Over the last few years he has made a number of appearances in Europe.