1 Day to Go

posted 17 Jul 2013, 19:30 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 14 Aug 2013, 09:17 ]
Rodney: I didn't know the fancy dress had been cancelled.

Del Boy: Me neither.
Rodney: You mean, that's your costume?
Del Boy: Yeah. I came as James Bond. I feel a bit stupid now.
Rodney: Yeah, it could have been worse we might have been dressed as Batman
             & Robin.
Del Boy: Not possible Rodney, I flogged that pvc gear to Matt and Paul.
Rodney: Nice one Del. So if this is the Rounds Festival when is the fancy dress.
Del Boy: Saturday the 26 October, it's an afternoon workshop at 3pm followed
             by an evening Halloween dance at 7.30pm.
Rodney: All day for £7 we are going to make a fortune Del.
Del Boy: Oh, leave it out Rodney, you couldn't flog a black cat to a witch! You
             should take lessons from Mr Baldy over there he has been sellin them a
             bunch of Hippos for years.
Rodney: Watch out here comes Irene, better pretend we are here to watch the Round Dancing.
Del Boy: Tell her we come as Salt -n- Pepper, otherwise she'll make you do the washing up.
Rodney: Del, Del where are you? She's trying to flog me a ticket . . . . .