2 Days to Go

posted 17 Jul 2013, 03:20 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 17 Jul 2013, 03:22 ]
After Party Saturday Night 10pm.

Wikipedia defines an 'After Party' as a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, or recreation. Typically featuring food and beverages.  The English dictionary defines it as a small party held after a larger event to which only a select group of guests are invited.

We are going to go just a little further and say it is LOTS OF FUN.

Please join us, we have sketches and plenty of audience participation for anyone willing. Included with all this are a number of old favourites and a lecture on an 'Introduction into how a women thinks'.

Please bring your own food and drink with you when you attend the evening dance. A word of warning, anyone caught coming in late (male) will be flogged and berated, women will be escorted to their seats.

Now don't forget to smile it will all be over soon . . . . .