GSI Dance Festival & School 2014

Between 2011 and the 'GSI Festival & School' in 2014 the UK GSI (Grand Square International) committee managed to meet their target amount as part of the grand total of £10,000, needed to put on the event.
The school was free to all the Cuers and Callers and GSI UK is the only GSI school with a round dance cuer programme; so please support them in their fundraising so that this can continue.

The GSI UK Festival Site can be found at the following link.
The fundraising began with a World First when a Mr & Mrs Dance was held with Simon & Trudy Fielding Calling Plus and Teresa & Paul Hart cueing rounds, their were plenty of Mr & Mrs themed activities.  The highlight of the evening was Paul Hart calling Squares and Trudy Fielding cueing a round ! ! !
In Dec 2011 we held a Multi-Cuer round dance and afternoon workshop in Tuddenham,Suffolk; The Harts and Baldrys both held afternoon teaching workshops and in the evening they cued amongst a winter wonderland of snowflakes, icicles, snowmen and moving reindeer. At the end of the evening whilst dancers were dancing to 'White Christmas' the doors of the hall were flung open to reveal a blizzard of snow coming down outside.
We will continue to update this site with more fundraising events 

GSI Winter Wonderland 2012