Round Dance Festival 2013

posted 16 Jul 2013, 02:37 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 17 Jul 2013, 01:47 ]
Just in case your not aware '3 Days to Go'.  The sunshine is booked and I have all my scouting goodies packed away.  

Just remember if your camping, don't forget to pick up your welcome pack from reception as you arrive.  It has got some spoilers in it so if you prefer to fumble along exploring, don't read it.  

A torch might also be a wise item to bring as we have no electrical hook up. We did try to get Matt to do a Sponsored Tour de Barrow, but he got suspicious when I tried to attach a rather large set of jump leads to his spokes.

For all those not camping, 'What were you thinking of, your going to miss out on all the fun'.  Might I suggest you try out some rather nice Round Dancing in the village hall. You might be lucky and spot one of those very rare and exceptionally talented Cuers. Yes, the ones giving orders and waving a big stick around, bless em . . .