Neville's Waltz
Choreo:    Casey & Sharon Parker
Music:      Motion Picture Soundtrack  (iTunes)
Rhythm:   Waltz Phase IV
Release:   May 2009
Cuer:       Teresa Hart (supported by Paul Hart)
Teach:     2013 - , UK

Taken from 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' this waltz is composed by the composer Patrick Doyle and is a lovely piece that accompanies the students of Hogwarts as they learn to dance for the Tri-Wizard Ball.  This is a classically inspired musical fantasy and is the point at which the films become more adult in nature.  It is somehow haunting but elegant in composition.

Teresa and Paul provided . . .. I think it has a gorgeous Tamara sequence and the choreography flows quiet elegantly throughout. Now if I can just get the Drag Hesitation 


Sharon Parker is a Music Educator for Modesto City Schools that has been teaching and cuing in the Round Dance activity since 1975. Casey Parker is an IT Security professional for the state of California. Their daughter Ashley is a Vocal Major in college and kept up the tradition by also becoming a square dance caller.

They have been the featured Round Dance Instructors at many festivals in the US and were in charge of the production of the current Roundlab Video demo tapes. Indeed Sharon's voice was used. They have enjoyed dancing for over 40 years and hope their enthusiasm is contagious.