Getting to know Walt

He is dedicated to the world of square dancing, we are fortunate to have him and he also is on the staff of AS&S records and has three releases to his credit.

In 2009 he became the GSI-Europe representative and he continues to hold that position. He is also an accredited member of ECTA and Callerlab, and is working on becoming a Callerlab Accredited Caller Coach. In 2013 he was elected to the Callerlab Board of Governors.

Walt Burr comes from Macon, Georgia and while serving in the US military in 1976 began his square dancing with the International Squares in Kaiserslautern, Germany. His calling career began four years later and at the last count he has called in 28 states and 11 countries. In 1995 he retired from the US military at Lakenheath and for the next 15 years lived and called locally at several clubs before moving to Munich in Germany.

He is a strong believer in good quality and on-going training for callers and cuers, and played a key role in starting up the Grand Square International-UK team. He was the team leader from 2003 to 2009 overseeing two very successful callers' schools and festivals. He also served as president of the Square Dance Callers Club of Great Britain between 2007-2010.