Workshop Teaches

I'm Waiting For You

Choreo: Kristine & Bruce Nelson

Music: I’m Waiting For You, Artist: Dave Koz

Rhythm: Rumba Phase III +2 (Aida, Cross Body)

Release: February 2010

Cue Sheet

Cuers: Stephen Pearson & Suzanne Baldry

Teach: 29 October 2016 - Halloween Dance, Barrow, Suffolk, UK

This is a very good example of smooth jazz unfortunately I couldn't find out much about its origin. This release was played by the saxophonist Dave Koz.

It has a serpiente, cross body, a lariat in 3 man face centre and an underarm turn. This a very nice piece of music to dance to.

It proved to be a very popular teach a fitting start for the clubs new cuers and their first Halloween Dance.


Kristine & Bruce Nelson

Baker Street

Choreo: Werner Volkaert & Mariette Hautmanid

Music: 'Go-Dancing' CD by Ross Mitchell

Rhythm: Rumba Phase IV +2 (Open Hip Twist, Sweetheart)

Release: March 2010

Cue Sheet

Cuer: Matt Baldry (supported by Suzanne Baldry)

Teach: 26 October 2013 - Halloween Dance, Barrow, Suffolk, UK

A ballad this song was written and recorded by the scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty. Released as a single in 1978. The arrangement is particularly famous for the haunting memorable saxophone section played by Rahael Ravenscroft.

It proved to be a very popular teach with its plus moves, a fitting point at which to mark the clubs last Halloween Dance.


Werner Volkaert & Mariette Hautman

Only You

Choreo: Gert-Jan & Susie Rotscheid

Music: 'Solo Tu' by Marcos Sales (Casa Musica)

Rhythm: Rumba Phase III +2 +1

Release: Jan 2012

Cue Sheet

Cuer: Matt Baldry (supported by Suzanne Baldry)

Teach: 31 August 2013 - Northern Area Campout 2013, Hose, Leicestershire, UK

In 2012 the Baldry's & Hart's returned from Cham after being introduced to a little known spanish number 'Only You'. The first thing that stands out is the start an unphased figure called a sunburst. This is a nice simple rumba with the challenge coming in the form of a cross body and a cross swivel, the two +2 moves that take a while to perfect .

Teresa held a teach that year and Matt decided to follow suit and promote the piece at the relaunch of the Northern Area Camp-Out . As usual with the Rotscheid's the choreography allows an opportunity to practice and improve style and technique.


Gert-Jan and Susie started round dancing in 1984 and cueing and teaching in 1986. They have a Carousels Club in Holland and they are also in demand for numerous festivals throughout Europe. They have had the opportunity to teach in England, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium as well as in the States. They have taught at different week-long events in Europe and they are the organizers of Europe's biggest, longest-running Square and Round Dance week at Cham.

They enjoy choreography and one of their dances, "Calendar Girl", was chosen as a Round Dancer Magazine Classic and is now a Roundalab Golden Classic. Just a few of their choreographies include "The Rain Dance", "Sex Bomb", "Head Over Heels", "Spring", "Stranger on the Shore" . . .

Gert-Jan is a former amateur ballroom champion and has taken part in various competitions including the Open British Championships in Blackpool. His knowledge of figures, foot placement, body actions and technique have helped immensely in their round dance teaching.


Choreo: John & Margaret Race

Music: Skyfall DJ Rico Latino (Casa Musica)

Rhythm: Rumba Phase IV+2

Release: June 2013 (Rev July 2013).

Cuer: Teresa Hart (supported by Paul Hart)

Teach: 20 July 2013 - Rounds Festival, Barrow, Suffolk, UK

The plus 2 are a Cuddles and Natural Top in 3.

Described as a soulful and haunting piece with evocative qualities this is the Adele theme tune to the 2012 Bond film of the same name.

'This is the end. Hold your breath and count to ten. Feel the Earth move and then, hear my heart burst again', this is indeed a very provocative rumba piece that embraces the dancers. A medium level dance with some wonderful linking twists that allow it to be challenging while holding a certain sparkle

Real Paso Dos

Choreo: Gert-Jan & Susie Rotscheid

Music: 'Real Paso Dos' by Orquesta Del Tendido (Casa Musica)

Rhythm: Paso Doble Phase IV

Release: April 2012

Teresa has replied to a recent post mentioning Skyfall with 'Really glad you enjoyed our teach!! we look forward to reviewing it at Lytham'. For those interested this is a rounds & squares week in the UK, for which details can be found at the following website.

Teresa and Paul provided the usual professional teach to a packed hall in a relaxed and friendly manor despite the high humidity. I am sure John & Margaret would have been very happy with the presentation of their dance. As a rumba her references to frame and style were very helpful. Fortunately, we were able to get plenty of practice dancing to it over the next couple of days.


Included with the teach was a written introduction to John and Margaret Race. Teresa explained that she had very much enjoyed a number of in-depth discussions with them to ensure that her interpretation of the dance was very much in keeping with there intended choreography.

Cuer: Matt Baldry (supported by Suzanne Baldry)

Teach: 27 October 2012 - Halloween Dance 2012, Chippenham, Cambridgeshire, UK

In April 2012 Matt and Sue travelled to Cham in Germany to attend 'The European Square and Round Dance College'. It is the oldest running square and round dance week in Europe and while there they got their first introduction to Paso Doble. They enjoyed the rhythm so much they decided to introduce it to their club at the first opportunity and so spent the next few months perfecting their steps.

The style and technique are quiet different from anything we have done previously the only listing review I could find was for the album 'Fantastic CD', it stated you will love the Rumbas. Now if only I can nail the Paso Intro, those Flamenco Taps are so tricky.

Dancer Review - Elaine Hayton

Our introduction to Paso Doble began with a confession from Matt - not all cues are in English! And the moves begin on the "wrong" foot! However the strong rhythm helped, and with Matt's great patience, and lots of practice, we can do it - most of the time. As a club we are proud to have added the Paso to our repertoire - well done Matt and Sue.

Many thanks Elaine



Choreo: Mark & Pam Prow

Music: Fernando, ABBA, Atlantic 13203

Rhythm: Rumba/Cha Phase IV+2

Release: September 2006

Cuer: Matt Baldry (supported by Suzanne Baldry)

Teach: 29 October 2011 - Halloween Dance 2011, Tuddenham, Suffolk, UK


The choreography that goes with this wonderful piece of music fits like a glove and the clear changes between Rumba and Cha make this a joy to dance. The plus 2 are a cuddles and a natural top.

This song became Abba's best selling single of all time. Unlike most of their songs it had already been released as a Swedish single with a different set of lyrics and the title of Tango.

In 2011 Matt and Sue returned from Cham in Germany with a mixed rhythm dance that must have been a dream come true for Matt, another Abba hit to add to his growing collection.

Mark & Pam met at a company Christmas Dance in 1982. Mark had been barred from his local marching band contest because he didn't know the steps. Fortunately Pam realised his hidden talent and married him in 1984. They have taught at different events in the US and Europe and they have also been involved in Europe's biggest, Round Dance week at Cham.