2016 Committee from left to right: Irene, Ted, Ruby, Suzanne, Anne, Resham, Elaine, Stephen, Chris, Peter. Missing Norman

The Whirl & Twirl RDC (Round Dance Club) came into being in 2007 when it was set up by the Baldry’s who were keen that local square dancers should have the opportunity to learn to round dance. A hall was found in Tuddenham and Teresa & Paul Hart, cuers from the Telemarks RDC, were invited along to teach. The Hart's are very experienced and after the first year began to mentor Matt as a cuer, so that he could take on the role of Club Cuer.

In 2009 the Cottenham branch of the club was opened and after trying out various venues the Community Centre was selected as the most suitable. Matt established himself very quickly and grew in confidence and experience. His enthusiasm helped drive the club forward.

The heavy rains in early 2012 led to the closure of the Tuddenham Village Hall and the club moved to Barrow Village Hall just a few miles away on the other side of the A14. Under Matt’s leadership the club added two big dances to the UK round dance calendar the Spring Fling and the Halloween Fancy Dress.

In 2013 the club launched its jewel in the crown the Rounds Festival, a once every two years event bringing the world’s very best cuers to the UK.

The next big change came in 2016 with the club becoming committee based. This was implemented to involve the dancers more in the running of the club. Matt also announced his move to Sheffield, leaving Stephen and Suzanne to take on the role of Club Cuers.

Sunday's at Barrow take the form of an open session at 2 pm with an open invitation to any round dancers to visit. Wednesday's at Cottenham are more traditional, with a programme of teaching in the evening session from 7.30 pm.

The current committee members are Chair Suzanne Baldry, Secretary Elaine Hayton, Treasurer Irene Baldry, PRO Stephen Pearson, Events Coordinator Ted Baldry and members Ann Cooke, Peter Cambridge, Resham Pearson, Chris Baldry, Ruby and Norman.

Club Cuers Suzanne Baldry & Stephen Pearson.